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Welcome to our homepage of TOYO PRECISION PARTS MFG. CO., Ltd.

We have provided a variety of metal, glass and ceramics precision parts produced by several photo fabrication technology and several processing technologies since 1976.
The processing technologies are as follow;

  1. Photo Etching
    Photo Etching consist of photolithography and chemical etching technology.
    The photoetching applies to fabricate a fine metal part, a component for jig and a mask for evaporation, a spacer and lead flame etc.
    The photoetching technology has advantages of quick delivery time and price competitiveness due to a die-less processing.
  2. Photomask
    Photomask is an essential component in photolithography field.
    We produce the photomask in our factory with the newest version of CAD, the latest mask writer and inspection equipment to satisfy customer demand.
    We deal with a chrome mask, copy mask, chrome or copy mask with pellicles and emulsion mask.
  3. Circuit board, Substrate
    We provide a Circuit board or Substrate deposited a variety of film pattern such as a metal, glass and ceramics by using thickfilm and thinfilm tecnology(PVD, screen printing and direct printing and The circuit board is used in electrical
  4. Metal Crafts
    Using photo etching technologies, we produce a variety of metal crafts, for example bookmarks, clips, magnets, etc.
    Besides our original products, we produce custom-made items with requested designs.

These products would satisfy your requirement and be useful in your company.